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Because we have recenly moved ALL credit card and sensitive data transmission over to our site, we'll soon be retiring the secure site.

If you have this site bookmarked as, please immediately update your bookmark to (no S).

If you visit AFTER 9/11/2015, the site will complain about an expired certificate.

Alerts Archive

Wondering about that $99 charge to your credit card!

You've reached the wrong site. You need to click WWW.INFOFINDS.COM to go to their site, or call them at 866-259-4567.

WWW.INFOFINDS.COM is not connected in any way with this site. All credit card charges made by us will show on your credit card bill as NESC Ashdown.

Important! Alert Postings Have Moved

All current alerts have been moved to our site at Please click here to go to the relevant page. Site Content Migration

Much of the content of the website has being migrated to the new Customer Support area of our website. Most of the links in the navigation will bring you to the appropriate pages on the web site.

If you cannot find the information that you are looking for on this site, please visit or contact us.

Trouble Sending Email?

If you find that you are having trouble SENDING email, please click here to see our page regarding checking and changing your email client to use the proper settings.

If you follow these directions and are still having trouble, please contact us.

GOOD NEWS! The Massachusetts state government has signed the bill repealing the IT Service Tax. It took only 60 days for the legislature and Governor to be convinced that this ill-conceived and misguided sales tax was not in the best interests of the citizens of the Commonwealth.

If you received and paid an invoice from us that included this sales tax on IT service, you will receive a refund or credit on your account shortly. If you have not paid the invoice yet, please deduct the tax amount and pay the remainder, indicating by a note that you have done so.

Thank you for your understanding through this period of confusion, and if you made your voice heard by your representative then you can feel pleased that it was listened to!

Updated Email Quota Information

Effective August 26th, we have implemented an improved email quota system to better help you if your email gets too full.

Emails will now go out from the server every 3 hours to alert you that you are over quota. These emails will also tell you what folders are causing you to be over quota and provide details on how to alleviate the problem.

Enhanced SPAM Filtering

In our ongoing effort to reduce spam and malicious email, we will shortly be implement sender verification to our email system. This checking helps to reduce spam sent from bogus domain names and bogus email addresses.

PLEASE NOTE: Some automated password-recovery systems use non-existent email addresses. If you believe that a message is not coming through that should be, please contact us at Let us know the email address that should have RECEIVED the email as well as the site that would be SENDING the email.

Enhanced SPAM and Malware Email Protection

Starting Monday, March 25th, we will be implementing additional checks on email in our ongoing effort to reduce spam and malicious email. This checking includes additional scanning of emails with typically suspicious attachments such as EXE files and password-protected ZIP files.

All emails detected by the system are quarantined for 2 weeks after receipt. If you believe that an email was incorrectly caught by this new system, or you would like to opt-out of these checks, please contact us at

FTP Access Change

Please note that effective on March 1st 2013 those customers who connect through FTP to our servers must update their connection information to include ftp. at the beginning of the domain (host) name. For example, if you have been connecting using the host name you should change it to

If you are an ATI FTP user please update the connection settings in your FTP program accordingly, before March 1st. The original and the new host name will both work up to that time, but after that only the new one will be valid, so update today.

NO OTHER SERVERS OR SERVICES are affected by this change.

Outgoing Email Check for ALL Ashdown email customers

If you are using an email program such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird to send email, you need to review your outbound (SMTP) email settings to be certain you are using port 587, NOT port 25. There are several very important reasons to do this:

  • To avoid getting blocked by your Internet Service Provider (i.e. Verizon, Comcast, etc). Most Verizon customer are ALREADY blocked from using port 25!
  • To avoid your email being incorrectly detected as SPAM by our servers or other servers
  • We plan to disable the sending of non-authenticated email via port 25 shortly

We have setup instructions for most email programs that show you where to review your settings and make the change if needed. Please click the link below for those instructions.


Please Note: This does NOT apply to those of you using the on-line Webmail service.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Managing Your Email Account Password, Vacation Responder, Spam Filter & Email Forwarding

All of these aspects of your account can be setup or modified by clicking on "Email Activities" in the navigation and then "Manage Your Email Account". Login with your username (NOT your email address) and current password to gain access to this area.

To get to the management tools directly, click here.

• Configuring SmartPhone Email Clients

If you use an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc. to access your email at our server, and also have a desktop email client like Outlook accessing the same email account, here are some important tips and considerations.

Set up your mobile to use IMAP rather than POP3. There are several advantages to this:

  1. The email stay on the server rather than filling up the memory of your mobile.
  2. If you leave your desktop client on (Outlook, etc.), and it uses POP3 to retrieve emails, you will not get a conflict between the devices. If both are set to POP3 they may try to access your email simultaneously, so one will fail, possibly asking you to enter your password, which won't actually help.
  3. It gives you faster access to your emails.

When setting up the account to use IMAP, use as the server address, instead of User name and password information will remain the same.

Shut down your desktop email client when you're away from your desk. This will ensure that all subsequently received emails will be available at your mobile. Unless you delete them at your mobile, they'll all be there at your desktop when you get back and start up your email client, as long as you use IMAP at your mobile.

Use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) when setting up your mobile for SMTP and IMAP services. This ensures that your password, when transmitted over the public airwaves, will be sent encrypted. This reduces the risk of identity theft.

Note: We are currently using a self-signed certificate, so if you get a warning that the certificate is not trusted, you can view its details and check that it mentions Ashdown Technologies, Inc., then accept it. You will only be asked this once. We will shortly have an officially signed certificate which won't exhibit this behavior.

To change your mobile to use IMAP and/or SSL it may be necessary to delete the account settings and recreate them. For example, on the iPhone 4 you must do this to switch from POP3 to IMAP. But the iPhone 4 does allow you to modify an existing account setup on the phone to switch both inbound and outbound configurations to use SSL. If in doubt, check your manual or look for help on the web.

• Having Trouble With Email Quotas?

All clients with email accounts on our mail server are limited to the amount of disk space the emails can occupy. If you use too much then further incoming email may get blocked. For help in managing your email disk consumption please select Email Information/Over Quota Help in the menu system above or click here.

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From a single e-mail account to an advanced website, Ashdown Technologies can help you make your mark in cyberspace for a price that won't be "out of this world". We invite you to visit to find information on all of our services, and remind you that it's absolutely free to talk to us, ask questions, or obtain consultation from any one of our professionals.

ATI Server Maintenance Status

Week of Aug 31st, 2015

Web Servers
No maintenance scheduled.

E-Mail Servers
No maintenance scheduled.

    News and Notes
  • All current alerts have been moved to our site at Please click here to go to the relevant page.
  • Email Servers consolidated and streamlined.
  • New Webmail system launched.
  • Important Instructions for checking and changing your outgoing SMTP port are available here.
  • Useful tips can be found at left for securing your mobile device when sending and receiving emails, and preventing conflicts with your desktop email client.